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Ragweed Finder is a platform ( that was financed completely by the Austrian pollen information service in 2017 and that is available for free – like all other services from

What is ragweed and is it of importance? Find more here:
How is ragweed identified?
Find more here:

Every citizen in Austria may report ragweed with a photo ranging from a single ragweed plant to mass populations. Every report is judged by us and the result guided back to the reporter as feedback. The involved department of the concerned Federal State is informed about the report in case of a verification. Thereby, we hope to decrease the burden of ragweed pollen allergy sufferers by the means of citizen science and crowd intelligence.
The purpose of the Ragweed Finder is the establishment of a site map together with a symptom map for the first time in order to coordinate necessary actions like eradication/mowing in a targeted manner as well as to provide a decision-making tool for the prioritization of sites for the Federal States.

The success of the Ragweed Finder was resounding in 2017:
Number of total reports: 391
Number of total users: 204
Top-users: 58, 17 and 16 reports
Number of unique visitors of the homepage: 19.187 during 24.000 sessions
Percentage of verified/falsified reports: 71%/29%
The ragweed report map is currently empty for the new reports for 2018.

The greatest user wish could not be implemented, although the Ragweed Finder was improved based on user feedback throughout the autumn of 2017: a mobile application (app) for the Ragweed Finder. The Austrian pollen information service is not capable to cover the costs of the programming of this app and we therefore approach you with the hope to fulfill this wish together. The donation goal is 12.500€ to pave the way for the Ragweed Finder app.
All donations go directly into the implementation of the app and must not be used to cover personal or administrative costs of the Medical University of Vienna.
All donators will be informed precisely about the use of their donations via newsletter.

You may be displayed with your name or anonymously depending on your wish at the roll of honor to show our gratitude to you.
Hereby we cordially invite you to make the Ragweed Finder App come true!

We thank you for your confidence and each donation,
Your pollen information service team

Roll of honor

  • Helga Wagner (Wien)
  • Monika Kmenta (Korneuburg)
  • Thomas Seibezeder (Wien)

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