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Issued 5th of June 2023

Situation and medium-term forecast

Changeable weather conditions may reduce the pollen load!

The current week promises changeable weather conditions including longer periods with precipitation. Hence, the allergenic burden of grasses may be reduced to moderate values if the rainfalls persist over longer time periods. However, the allergenic burden will still stay present, especially in the lowlands and the mid-altitude regions. Grass pollen allergy sufferers may find better conditions in higher altitude regions, at and above the timber line and in dense deciduous...

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Pollen+ App

The App for pollen allergy sufferers - your indispensable support in everyday life!

The service includes more than just pollen information (availability varies by region): Asthma weather, thunderstorm warnings, the personalised pollen informationforecast, displayed as a personal loadrisk level, takes your pollen diary entries into account and calculates your personal burden level.

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Pollen Diary

Are you also pollen allergy sufferer? Keep the situation in sight with just one view.

Enter your symptoms into the patient's hay fever diary and display your symptoms - for the benefit of all pollen allergy sufferers.

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Patient Questionnaire

This questionnaire should give a first indication if an allergic respiratory disease like allergic hay-fever could exist. The completion of the questionnaire will take about 5 minutes and will calculate the probability of a possible allergic disease.

Patient Questionnaire