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The Austrian Pollen Information Service ( at the Medical University of Vienna provides a pollen forecast for the next three days in your region in co-operation with local and international institutions. 

Available for: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain and South Tyrol. 

The service includes more than just pollen information (availability varies by region): The personalised pollen information, displayed as personal load, takes your pollen diary entries into account and calculates your personal burden level. Allergic symptoms can be documented and compared with the pollen count in your pollen diary. Personal load, Pollen News, Pollen-Countdown notifications and a reminder for a doctor´s visit are at your disposal (limited availability). The encyclopedia of allergenic plants is available to answer you questions about allergy. 

New features for version 6.0 (availability varies by region): The start screen shows the hourly forecast for the whole day to inform about the highest burden considering air quality data during different times of the day. Therapy recommendations are available for the first time to instruct you concerning measurements that can be taken in the case of a burden for eyes, nose and lungs for different load levels (no to high level).

Cooperation partners 

  • Germany: German Foundation Pollen Information Service, German Weather Service and the Finnish Meteorological Institute 
  • Switzerland: MeteoSwiss and the Finnish Meteorological Institute 
  • Sweden: Natural History Museum Stockholm, University of Gothenburg, Pollen laboratory Umeå and the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Spain: European Aeroallergen Network (EAN) of the Medical University of Vienna in cooperation with the Spanish Aerobiology Network (REA), the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Great Britain: European Aeroallergen Network (EAN) of the Medical University and the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • South Tyrol: Biological laboratory of the Environment Agency Bozen and the Finnish Meteorological Institute 

The creation of the App was supported by Allergy Therapeutics.

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