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Allergy Risk

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The Allergy Risk combines the burden from pollination with weather data to display the general risk for the current day (number in the center). The hourly forecast provides the Allergy Risk of the given time and thus displays the development of the Allergy Risk during the day (white = no burden to red = very high burden).



Laboratorul de Aerobiologie din Bucuresti este situat in cadrul Spitalului Clinic Colentina – Pavilionul Cercetare-Dezvoltare (CDPC) si functioneaza din anul 2013, pe baza acordului de colaborare cu Reteaua Nationala de Supraveghere Aerobiologica din Franta (RNSA). Activitatea laboratorului a fost inclusa in proiectul COST intitulat Managementul sustinut al Ambrosia Artemisiifolia in Europa (SMARTER FA 1203) . Masuratorile polenurilor atmosferice au fost facute in mod regulat timp de trei ani, 2014-2015-2016, in perioada Martie-Octombrie. Rezultatele au fost trimise initial...

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The App for pollen allergy sufferers - your indispensable support in everyday life!

The Austrian Pollen Information Service ( at the Medical University of Vienna provides a pollen forecast for the next three days in your region in co-operation with local and international institutions.
Available for: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Great Britain and South Tyrol.

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Pollen Diary

Are you also pollen allergy sufferer? Keep the situation in sight with just one view.

Enter your symptoms into the patient's hay fever diary and display your symptoms - for the benefit of all pollen allergy sufferers.

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News for allergy sufferers


Vielen Dank für Ihre Meldungen über den Ragweed Finder!

Sie haben wertvolle Arbeit geleistet und gemeinsam finden wir die Hotspots von Ragweed in Österreich mit dem Ziel gesicherte Daten an die Landesregierungen für zielgerichtete Maßnahmen weiter zu geben.
Der Ragweed Finder hat für 2018 um 200 Meldungen mehr als noch 2017 zu verzeichnen.

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