Situation and medium-term forecast for Poland

Current situation in Poland

15 Febr 2024




Currently, the concentration of alder pollen remains HIGH throughout Poland, but it will gradually decrease over the next two weeks. Hazel pollen concentration ranges from high in the south of the country, through medium in the center to low in the north of Poland. It is expected that pollen concentrations of both taxa will remain high in the south of the country and that pollen concentrations will gradually decrease in the other regions of Poland. The first grains of yew pollen, of a low allergenic potential, also appeared. Concentrations of allergenic fungal spores are still very low.


 Please refer to the following websites for information about pollen-monitoring and current pollen levels in Poland:

Polish Aerobiology Network (Polish and English version) 

OBAS Serwis Alergologiczny (Polish version) h ttp://

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