Diskussionsrunde im Rahmen des 11. Internationalen Kongresses der Aerobiologie

Liebe Gemeinschaft der Aerobiologen und Aerobiologie-Interessierte,

hiermit wollen wir auf die Möglichkeit einer Diskussionsrunde hinweisen.
Information und Text wurden von freundlicherweise von Maira Bonini und Roberto Albertini zur Verfügung gestellt.

"In the framework of 11th International Congress of Aerobiology, in Parma, Italy (www.ICA2018.eu) a session/round table will be organized on the aerobiological monitoring networks:
Meeting of International/National/Regional survey network
Chairs: M. Bonini, U. Berger
Date: 4th of September 2018 (in the afternoon)
Duration of round table: approximately 90 minutes
Every representative of a network, who will participate, will have the opportunity for a short presentation.

It will be a very unique opportunity for every chief/coordinator of pollen network to share the experiences, the future perspectives, and why not, to start talking in a continuous and coordinated way to spread the use of aerobiological monitoring data and to share project and findings.

The first ideas around which to gather can be the following:
- Worldwide Map of Pollen Monitoring Stations
- Why get networked?
- How to relate to institutions and to public and private stakeholders
- The chiefs/coordinators show: prominent features of the different networks.

Anyone who has information on omitted networks is invited to send their contact details to the following address ica2018(at)mvcongressi.it.
Who wants to participate is kindly requested to communicate and confirm his presence by registering online within the late bird registration deadline June 15th 2018 and contacting the secretariat ica2018(at)mvcongressi.it to confirm it, once registered.

Kindly note that only registered participants at ICA 2018 can take part at this session, further information on how/where to register and registration fees at http://www.ica2018.eu/Web/30/Registration/.

Thanking you in advance for your attention.

Maira Bonini Roberto
Albertini Coordinator
AIA-R.I.M.A. Congress Chairperson
Organising Secretariat ICA 2018
Via Marchesi 26 D
43126 PARMA - Italy
Tel. +39-0521 290191 - Int. Ext. 43
Fax +39-0521 291314


Außerdem besteht noch die Möglichkeit Abstracts für den Kongress bis 12.3.2018 einzureichen.

das Team des Österreichischen Pollenwarndienstes an der MedUni Wien

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