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For the 10th anniversary of the pollen app, the Austrian pollen information has the app under the direction of Dr. medical Markus Berger completely redeveloped.

New from 2023 (availability varies according to region):
- Asthma weather and thunderstorm warnings
- New Technology and Layout

Available for: Austria, Germany, France, and Spain. Other countries to follow soon.

The service includes more than just pollen information (availability varies by region): Asthma weather, thunderstorm warnings, the personalised pollen informationforecast, displayed as a personal loadrisk level, takes your pollen diary entries into account and calculates your personal burden level. Allergyic symptoms can be documented and compared with the pollen count in your pollen diary. A Personal loadrisk level, Pollen News, Pollen Countdown notifications and a reminder for a doctor'´s visit are provided at your disposal (limited availability).

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