How to avoid allergen contact during the pollen season

Sure you cannot stop breathing, but there is a good chance to minimize the pollen contact even during the pollen season. We have prepared a number of useful hints. Just make your choice according to your personal preferences and taste.

As a matter of fact, here - and only here - you find a unique service: making use of the contributions of over 300 pollen sampling stations in Europe, we prepared pollen distribution maps (not plant distribution maps!) for the most powerful allergenic pollen.

Three maps per month allow you to find out when and where there is the highest pollen load to be expected, and where and when you can find relief. This enables you to find a safe place for your vacation and travel activities. The maps have been constructed using daily averages of the pollen counts from many years. We are sure you won`t miss this information any more!

For individual measures you can take see the chapter "strategies" (to the left).

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