alternative medicine

Alternative methods for allergy treatment are generally not doing well. Homeopathic preparations mostly flop after short time, bio-resonance is too odd to be accepted by serious scientists, various infusions, oils, or tinctures could also not compete in effort with antiallergic drugs. Maybe some kind of success may be allotted to fennel flower seed extracts (Nigella oil).
Secured scientific studies about the performance of alternative methods in allergy treatment are missing.
If there were suitable alternatives on hand in pharmacies, health food stores, or drug stores, be sure they would have been strongly advertised or at least circulated as "top secrets" among hay fever sufferers.
Although one or the other weird preparation might bring some slight relief, you never may expect a cure of your allergy. This applies also for acupuncture, which is a suitable method to reduce symptoms, but is not qualified for curing allergy.
However: "who heals, is in the right".

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