All important terms at a glance

  • Scratch Test

    the allergen extract droplet or the original allergen carrier is put on the skin and scratched with a blood lancet. Today, this test method is usually replaced by skin-prick-test.

  • Sensitization

    the first stage of allergy, when you become sensitised to a pollen allergen. You do not suffer, but antibodies are increasingly present. Further contacts lead to symptoms in most cases, but you may be sensitised without outbreak of clincial symptoms.

  • Skin Prick Test

    a droplet of allergen extract is put on the skin of the inner side of your forearm and slightly pricked with a lancet or needle.

  • Specific Antibody

    an immunoglobuline, produced by cells of the immune system, specific to a particular allergen.

  • Submediterranean

    areas close to but north of the Mediterranean.

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