All important terms at a glance

  • Eigenblut-Therapie

    Braucht der Allergiker nicht. Es handelt sich dabei um Entnahme von Venenblut und eventuell Vermischung mit Pflanzenlektinen (Echinacin), Zusatz von Sauerstoff oder Ozon, oder Bestrahlung mit UV-Licht und intramuskuläre Re-Injektion zur Aktivierung von Immunfunktionen.

  • eosinophil granulocytes

    bone marrow-borne, eosin-stainable white blood cells with extremely agressive enzymes. Allergic and parasitic diseases raise the number of eosinophils, a cortisone-therapy diminishes their number

  • Epicutanous Test

    allergen extracts or the original allergen carrier are brought into contact with the skin and allowed to rest there for some time (usually on your back for one or two days).

  • epitope

    a constellation of chemical units in the three-dimensional expression of an allergen which can be specificly recognised by an antibody.

  • Extrinsic Proteins

    molecules, that are not produced by and do not belong to your body.

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