All important terms at a glance

  • Pollen

    the totality of pollen grains, "pollen" in singular and in plural use!

  • Pollen count

    the number of pollen grains in the air of a certain location, expressed as daily mean value of pollen per cubic metre of air. Performed by means of "volumetric" pollen traps, and analysed under the microscope.

  • Pollination

    in the sense of aerobiology and pollen monitoring, the period of pollen release.

  • pollination (a)

    the delivery of pollen onto the female flower (stigma)

  • Poly-Sensitization

    Sensitisation to more than one allergen (pollen types). Occurs often in the course of an untreated pollen allergy.

  • Provocation Test

    the allergen extract or the original allergen carrier is applied directly to the reactive organ (eye, nose, lung).

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