Organizations for Allergy sufferers

The interest group for Allergen avoidance (Interessengemeinschaft zur Allergenvermeidung, IGAV; is an import an address for people concerned besides the Pollen information website. Information on allergies is widely shared here.

Die Österreichische Lungenunion ("Austrian lung union"):

This national active self-help group (ÖLU; supports self-help and coping with allergy, asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer, neurodermatitis and urticaria.

Insect poison allergy sufferers receive here more information provided by the initiative insect poison allergy (Initiative Insektengift Allergie; about the recognition, help in case of emergency, allergy testing and treatment and a lot more.

House dust mite allergy sufferers learn here more about services, in which we also participate (mite diary and the mite app). Backgrounds are explained and tips and tricks provided for house dust mite allergy sufferers: ("living without allergy"; is a platform for immunotherapy and provides thus a medical focus on the treatment of allergies.

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